the quotidian (3.2.20)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

For supper, pancakes and eggs (plus pudding, strawberries, and a dangerous amount of bacon).

Running the oven, hard. 

Such bright students, they are. 
He’s also the child who refuses to use a calculator because he wants “to get better at it.”

Now that we wear the same size, solving the whose-is-whose problem.

Him: Look what I bought, Ma!
Him: You’re right. It’s borrowed.

Forced forsythia.

Fur baby.
She’s four!

The “cake.”
Her breakfast of choice.

And now they’re even again: 14, 16, 18, 20.

This same time, years previous: we nailed it, dusty magic, kids and money: how we’re doing it, the quotidian (3.3.14), the Chicoj coffee cooperative, leap year baby, potatoes and onions, red raspberry rhubarb pie.


  • VasanthMusicCoimbatore

    What a lovely family gathering! And children are children, no matter how old they grow. My students have grown from being little children to teens and pre-teens. I've known most of them for more than a decade now. It is amazing to see how fast they grow!

  • Andrea Charles

    The numbers look even!!! Cool!!! All the pictures are so cute. The last second last and the last one is really amazing !!! family time is always a cherishing and a valuable time …. I miss being away from my family due to work. Hope to meet them soon �� Those beautiful plants near the window looks so lively and fresh.

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