the quotidian (10.28.19)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Getting my cozy on.

For your Monday funny: fold in the cheese.

Cake and science.

Baby delight.

If you give some girls a camera….

If the car breaks, fix it: replacing the coil springs and struts.
Father or son? From the back they’re identical.

Friends don’t let friends do push-ups alone.

Ultimate, again: I may need gloves.

This same time, years previous: the quotidian (10.29.18), listening, watching, reading, the quotidian (10.27.14), the quotidian (10.28.13), under the arbor, the morning kitchen, it’s over, apple tart with cider-rosemary glaze.


  • beckster

    I think it is your son. He leans forward more than his dad in most of the photos. Just a guess. What happened to your hand? I have Achenbach's syndrome, and that is what it looks like. It's totally benign, but very annoying. I still love seeing just a little window into your family's world, Jennifer. Happy Tuesday!

    • Jennifer Jo

      You're right! But everyone in my family (including my husband, I think), thought it was the father, haha!

      I had to look up Achenbach's syndrome — never heard of it, ouch! But no, I just got whacked in the hand with the frisbee, playing defense against someone MUCH better than me, oops. The pad of my thumb is also swollen and purple, and I have two finger bruises on my other hand, too. Makes my husband roll his eyes….

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