the quotidian (6.3.19)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace
With his typical flair, the boy breaks fast.

Now the lettuce won’t fall out.
Unless you plan to eat them all right away, do not top cupcakes with fresh strawberries: they rot.
Swing supper, with a book.

Joining forces: Tiger Girl and Cool Kid.

Rule breaker.

Surveying the territory.

Work-out partner.

After a variety of attempts with homemade dyes, the real thing.

Strawberry curls.
Rivers are scary.

Taking Puerto Rico by storm.
(And surprise, since almost no one knew they were coming.)

Keeping him company.

This same time, years previous: mama said, this is us, brown sugar rhubarb muffins, the quotidian (6.1.15), the quotidian (6.2.14), small pasta with spinach and bacon.

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  • farm buddy

    I am so happy to see that Coco has turned out to be such an important part of your family!! I just looked up and saw that you got her last September. I am guessing that she is just about the same age as my pup. Coco is a beauty!

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