quotidian (3.11.19)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

The search continues.

Egg custards.
A regular gig, finally.

We miss her.

Airborn: the girl is fast.


Tucked away in his Harry Potter office.
Upon discovering that long, long ago their very UN-sparkly and UN-pink father collected unicorns, my children purchased this decal and, without asking permission (he’s an UN-decal
person, too), slapped it on his computer. And now I call him Mr. Magical.

This same time, years previous: one-pan roasted sausages with vegetables, Shannon’s creamy broccoli soup, the quotidian (3.7.16), by the skin of my gritted teeth, the quotidian (3.10.14), work, oatcakes.


  • Margo

    Your husband and unicorns!? That is hilarious!

    I also now want to eat egg custards AND biscotti from your pretty photos.

  • Anonymous

    I look forward to the perfect biscotti recipe from the Jennifer Murch Test Kitchen!! Thank you for all your hard work! I have made many of your recipes!!
    Janet Woodway,WA

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