the quotidian (2.25.19)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Still searching for a dry, crunchy  but not rock hard  super-flavorful biscotti. Suggestions?

Steadily improving.
Italian buttercream: haven’t quite nailed it.
Cake scraps, trifled.
The recipe called for toffee so I made some  [adjusts crown from scratch. 

Lava cake, four ways: a sampling.
On a platter. 

Sausage and spinach.

And then they adulterate it with applesauce: what weird food habits do your children have?

He made himself an impressive breakfast, but it’s the placemat that slays me. 

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  • Margo

    Oh MAN, you are eating well at your house!!!

    I met an Amish woman once who told me they eat applesauce with everything – including (shudder) pizza.

    We adore South African rusks at our house (recipe is on my blog), but the actual biscotti that we love and so does everyone that tastes it is dark chocolate/orange/rosemary biscotti. I didn't know it wasn't supposed to have butter – these are not as crunchy as the rusks, even, but definitely begging to be dipped.

  • Unknown

    This is the best biscotti recipe…and I've tried alot. This dough is sticky and I just put it out in globs on a parchment lined sheet and make it into a perfect rectangle using wet hands. I also bake it the 2nd time bottom side down for maybe 10 minutes instead of baking it on each side . It needs to give a little when you squeeze it-it will harden as it cools. You can adapt it using any flavor you like too…

  • Amy

    I so enjoy your blog and the glimpse of some of the joys ahead with older children. Sometimes it's hard to believe any period will be more precious than these days with little ones dashing in and out at every moment, but it's fun to see the fun you all have together! The love you all have for each other and the joy found in the day to day is always an encouragement to me! Pasted below are links to two of my favorite biscotti recipes. contain a little butter but not much and are both easy to play with to change up the flavors… and

    • Jennifer Jo

      Thank you, Amy, for your kind words (little kids ARE sweet, but I think teenagers are SO much fun!) … and for the recipe links, too!

  • beckster

    Ketchup has always been the go-to condiment that people around me use. You slave over a dish, then they top it heavily with ketchup. But I guess it's their food. Lots of great eating going on at your house, as usual.

    • Jennifer Jo

      Thank you! That looks like a good recipe.

      Traditional biscotti is made with no fat, just eggs, but that makes it SO hard. I much prefer biscotti that has fat. Most recipes call for butter, but I wonder how it'd be with oil, too….

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