the quotidian (10.22.18)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

We’ve officially entered soup-and-bread weather!
The bloodier the better, my kids say.
Leaving me with the edges.
Whooping it up real good.
(Because my husband threatened to quit working if I didn’t feed him some real food NOW.)

It’s a process: the homecoming outfit selection.

Sunday morning rehearsal.
(The hat stayed home.)

One minute the sky looked like this. 
And the next minute it looked like this.

Pre-dinner outing, courtesy of the Ponce Mennonite Church.

This same time, years previous: another farm, another job, back in business, a dell-ish ordeal, field work, autumn walk, a pie party, how to have a donut party, part II, party panic.


  • Athanasia

    Your daughter looks lovely and modest in her prom dress. The family picture is very nice. How old is your youngest? Everyone is teen and above? It is indeed bread and soup weather. Saturday I made bread and 2 soups.

  • Second Sister

    What beauty. I thought the dress was lovely, too, but wow what a lovely young lady. that picture at the end. Everyone is so grown up and fancy looking. Even that youngest one is grown up. But watch out, I remember the predictions that he was going to be the tallest! Psst… We're coming east over New Years. Hoping to squeak in a peek at you and yours. Its going to be fast and wild, but must try. As somebody famous said "Some things are better to to have done than to do" and traveling for two weeks to MN and VA with three littles 3,2,1 may be one such thing. But life is too short and we are due to see family and friends, so buckle up.

  • Becky

    I am so happy it's soup and bread weather! Homecoming dress shopping is THE. Absolute. Worst. (still recovering from our bout with it two weeks ago…)
    Those sky pictures! And your good looking fam!

    • Jennifer Jo

      She actually got her dress from a thrift store — she'd had it in for quite a long time, but with no place to wear it to. She and her sister (SO glad I didn't have to go) went on a shopping spree all over town in search of a "better" one (long and flowy, I think), but no luck. So the thrift store dress it was (and flats instead of heels).

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