the quotidian (8.6.18)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Good morning, Puerto Rico!
A twelve-year-old’s version of a breakfast of champions (snort).

This is more like it.

Green veggies aren’t too popular here: doing my best to catch up.


Café colao: simmered coffee grounds, strained, and then added to hot milk with sugar.

I miss juicy tomatoes.

Happy Birthday, Nilda (a couple weeks late)!: cake made by the boy.

Domplines: my new life goal is to eat these once a week (at least) from now until we leave.
Meanwhile, down on the ground at our feet….

Swirls and loops.
photo credit: her sister

Mr. Yellow Ears came back!

Topping it off.
Funny business.

Worn out, down to the tips of her toes.
Him, too.

Down by the se-ea. 
photo credit: her younger brother

Tiny entertainment. 


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