plan our vacation for me please

Our respite week is fast approaching. The tentative plan is to ferry our van to Vieques, rent a cottage, and crash. Maybe there will be hiking in the rainforest and snorkeling and horseback riding and daytrips to Culebra and fantastic street food and nice dinners out and hammocks and icy sweet drinks with wedges of fruit perched on the rim … or maybe not.

Quite frankly, at this point we’re too tired to think straight, let alone plan a relaxing vacation for six, so there’s a fair chance we’ll end up never leaving the house at all, instead spending our precious few free days slumped in our chairs, staring at the wall.

This concerns me.

So, if you’ve ever vacationed in Puerto Rico and know of inexpensive, not-to-be-missed places/activities, let us know. And if you want to draw up a detailed itinerary, that’d be great, too. The less thinking we have to do, the better.

P.S. I thought about including other details in this post — like the fact that my husband suggested, in all seriousness, that we not go anywhere (ARE YOUR FREAKING SERIOUS WE ARE IN PUERTO RICO FOR CRYING OUT LOUD), or like how we never go on vacations in the States so I really don’t know the first thing about planning, and spending money on, an entire week of leisure, or like the time when we were in Guatemala and planned a glorious vacation to Belize but then ended up getting on the wrong bus and spending two dismal days on some god-forsaken peninsula where the water was full of raw sewage and stinging jellyfish (if vacation PTSD is a thing, then we for sure have it, which is probably, now that I think about it, why I’m suffering from Vacation Planning Paralysis), or like why we are so exhausted and how this job is more deeply draining and intensely demanding (as well as incredibly fulfilling, rewarding, and fun) than any job we have ever had simply because we can not ever leave it and thus the reason we really need a vacation — but then I was like, I can’t even, and so I didn’t, sorry.

This same time, years previous: spinach dip, the smartest thing I did, Greek cucumber and tomato salad, sourdough waffles, fresh tomatillo salsa.


  • Anonymous

    I don't know too much about this, but I know some people who went to Puerto Rico and loved their bioluminscent bays. They also had a great time hiking through Peurto Rico's rainforests.

  • Anonymous

    Another thought about Vieques – four of us managed well without a car. We could always find a taxi. We even rode taxis out to some remote beaches and had the driver return for us later in the day. It was fine and much cheaper then taking a car over to the island.
    SJ in Vancouver BC

  • Lana

    This is exactly why we bought a share of a house on a lake 2 hours away 19 years ago. We don't have to think other than calling the attorney's office and reserving our 4 weeks for the year. We know what is at the house and what there is to do and we still love it after all these years.

    On the other hand, last week these two empty nesters bought a small motor home and now we are wondering what to do with it! Right now we are wondering if we know how to hook everything up and not look like idiots at a campground.

  • Anonymous

    I had the pleasure of staying a week in Vieques many years ago. Stayed in a few rooms rented by the owner of a bar called Banannas. It was on the west/north (?) side of the island. Great beaches where we were the only ones on the beach all day long. First time to snorkle for me. Make sure to bring all the beach gear with you including blow up rafts.Word of advice – when you're on the ferry and the locals head downstairs from the upper deck, go with them. We didn't and got soaked as the ferry turned into the wind at one point. Had to fly home but friends went on to a week on Culebra. They said it was even better – even fewer people and prettier beaches.
    Good luck. SJ in Vancouver BC

  • Melodie

    Would one of your children be good at this task? Doing the research online and jotting out a rough list/schedule? My oldest daughter planned a trip for us in 2001 which was great to have her do that.

    • Jennifer Jo

      I suggested that to them. Thing is, the kid who would be best at this is working 10-hour days, and the other kids don't have the interest…or aren't able (don't want?) to see the bigger picture and balance that against their wishes/wants. So then we just get a lot of opinions and disappointment. I'm finding it's more effective (easier) to speak to them in abstracts and then fill in the details myself.

    • Jennifer Jo

      Been there, done that (and am doing that). It's just a lot of information to sift through and my brain can't handle much more thinking/managing.

      Plus, first hand recommendations are almost always better….

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