the quotidian (2.26.18)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Dough globe.

For our local homeless shelter.

To keep me from ruining any more pork, he turned the last three loins into 17 pounds of sausage.

I chalked this up under the category of The Things I Find…

We gave him a magnifying glass for his birthday and now the deck is scorched.

Though he’s not quite sure how: fixed.
Brushing up on his Spanish: Wonder, two ways. 
The movie  we watched it last night  was so good. I even teared up several times. 
 Bonus: it had connections to both Napoleon Dynamite AND The Princess Bride.


This same time, years previous: steer sitting, homecoming, roasted cauliflower soup, the quotidian (2.25.13), bandwagons, the quotidian (2.27.12), buttery brown sugar syrup and cinnamon molasses syrup, Molly’s marmelade cake.


  • Suburban Correspondent

    Okay, I feel I need to warn you – a homeschooling friend of mine, years ago, had her oldest son showing the younger kids the "set a leaf on fire with a magnifying glass" trick and they managed to burn the house down. If you want details, message me. But I would recommend using that magnifying glass far from any buildings you value.

    Bright side was it was a very exciting homeschooling day, what with all the fire trucks and things.

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