the quotidian (2.19.18)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

And then my husband said, “Do not ever buy pasta from the store again.”

Mid-week satisfaction: fresh bread and roasted veggies and sausages.
The balance of marriage: On Feb 14, my husband bought me candy; I made him a pot of steelcut oats.
Oh, shhhh….ugar.

Recuperating from surgery and stitches after somehow tearing up the inside of her leg.
(The cone of shame freaks her out, so we’ve compromised with the shirt.)

On his morning to-do list: Put away the toilet paper.
So he made himself a pair of chaps.  

And then I found this on my camera.

To better visit with our daughter…

…who is sending us lots of photos of beaches and horses.

For about two minutes, we had snow.

Dogs, a still life.


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  • Ann

    Charlotte looks very cute in her shirt. I am interested in your fresh noodle making method and recipe. Will you be sharing that in a future post?

  • beckster

    Even better, use Skype! It's free and much better than trying to use a cordless phone or a cell phone. If you made that pasta, I am MOST impressed. Please share the process, if you don't mind?

  • Joanna

    I finally got a headset for my cordless phone so I could talk to my daughter and my mom more easily, and not have to wedge the handset between my chin and shoulder or put them on (the tinny) speakerphone. At first it seemed like a splurge, but it's been one of my best purchases ever!

  • Margo

    your pasta is stunning!!! And that sheet pan with the sausages – mmmmm. Good idea. Did you follow a recipe or just roast them together?

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