the quotidian (1.22.18)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Pretty good: the cookies everyone is raving about. 
Pickled onions: perking up the ordinary.
Experimenting: sausage, kale, butternut, and cheese rolled into lasagna noodles, drowned in a cheesy bechamel, and then baked.

Books and toast: two of his favorite things.

Gagging down the Swiss chard.

Because every kitchen needs a superhero. 
Rehearsal, reflected.

Everything breaks eventually.

And then back in the box it went because . . . puzzles = futility.
Making art up.

Keep-away, dog vs sofa: she drops the ball, it rolls under the sofa, and then she lays there, waiting.

“It’s like riding a noodle!”

At the other end of the couch.

Off to (sunny and hot, lucky!Puerto Rico for a week with one of MDS‘s first group of rebuilders.

This same time, years previous: homemade grainy mustard, women’s march on Washington, lemon cream cake, lazy stuffed cabbage rolls, hobo beans, the good and the bad, multigrain bread, chuck roast braised in red wine, peanut noodles.


  • Athanasia

    We like puzzles and somebody gets a new one at least every year. We'll do them more than once…the oldest one I have I received when I was in 4th grade and it's a view of New York City, a view probably circa 1970 or so. A couple years later it lost a piece and has an X on the cover showing the approximate spot, marked there by my Father. I'm of the mind that puzzles are meant to be taken apart and put together over and over, either by their owner or moved on to another as you suggest.

  • Margo

    (Thank you for saying jigsaw puzzles are futile – I hate 'em, but I have to remember to offer them to my kids in case THEY like futility. Bah.)

    • Jennifer Jo

      She wanted to frame it, but I said no, better to take it apart and pass it on to another puzzle lover (but I kind of felt cruel making her destroy all her hard work).

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