just for sparkles

Have you seen these little rhinestone spirals for hair?

Oh dear, looks like someone needs lotion….

My younger daughter found them in her Christmas stocking. I had actually considered buying them for myself, but I wasn’t sure how they worked, and I thought they might be better suited to her short curls anyway.

The child has the most gorgeous hair: thick and curly. It will do anything. It used to be that she wouldn’t let me touch it except to pull it back in a braid or ponytail, but she’s been slowly (very slowly) getting braver.

Turns out, the spirals (I call them hair studs) are super easy to work with: simply screw them in wherever you want. What fun!

I’m hoping she’ll let me borrow them sometime.

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    • Jennifer Jo

      I just tried putting them in my other daughter's (short and straight). She shook her head around and they did not fall out! So…they stay in, but they'd probably look best as decoration in hair that's pinned back and/or up….

  • Jean

    My daughters had some and put them in my mom's hair for fun. She forgot and went to town with them and I'm sure some people were surprised.

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