the quotidian (12.4.17)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

For the love of leftovers. 
The luscious mascarpone before I destroyed it with soggy ladyfingers.
Smooth and cold.
Take it or leave it: how I feel about Bon Appetit’s brown sugar-and-salt dry rub.

Scraps o’ sprouts.
Splinter search party.
Bringing me to my knees, day after day after day.
The dogs came to blows over this, so he had to put a fence around it.
(photo by my older daughter)

It’s up!

The fa-la-la-ers.

(photo by my younger son)
Upside down and in the middle of the day.

My child asks a question, I blankstare in response, and bamI’m snapped.

This same time, years previously: oatmeal sandwich bread (cooling on the counter as I type), nanny-sitting, sushi!!!, baked ziti, red lentil coconut curry, wild, raisin-filled cookies, chocolate truffle cake.

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