the quotidian (11.6.17)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Over polenta: braised beef short ribs with black lentils.

Mousetracks in the butter.

Little Red, Voldemort, Trash.

#nudistonstrike (his words, not mine).
Sixteen hydrocodon pills prescribed to a teenager for a routine wisdom tooth (teeth?) extraction 
and in the middle of an opioid epidemic, too, ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME?! 
(She took one and puked her guts out. Ibuprofen was much more effective.)

Smile for the camera, Chipmunk!
Airing a pillow + cat = fail.

Rewired: Christmas tree light plus battery.
When Stranger Things gets scary. 

This same time, years previous: musings from the coffee shop, awkward, bierocks, crispy cinnamon cookies, brown sugar icing.


  • Anonymous

    … sorry, not all doctors do that (got several in the family), but twice in the past year I've been prescribed opiods for pain when scans (to actually determine where the pain was coming from) were denied by insurance. So it's a more complex problem with health care/FDA/powers that be, not specifically with doctors.

    But cats on pillows? Someone can prescribe me that any old time.

  • Anonymous

    Regarding Karen's post…. and it would be easier to take care of ourselves if every doctor we encounter wouldn't try to sell/prescribe us drugs.

    Blarghh, mouse tracks in the butter! I hope the cats are feeling guilty. Oh, wait. Cats don't do guilty.

  • GeorgiaHoneyBee

    I LOVE the quotidian posts… and your recipes have really been inspiring! I had not heard of Stranger Things until you mentioned it last week. We made the mistake of watching the first one and now we can. not. stop. And you are the culprit! Thanks!! (we are really enjoying the show!)

  • Karen

    Had my wisdom teeth pulled in June. And I'm fifty plus years old. Refused the Valium and never filled the two prescriptions post op for who knows what. Did the same thing when I had breast cancer surgery. (Lots of ice packs post-op). I don't want drugs in my body. So often when I go in for a regular check-ups and the nurse asks me if I'm on any medication, they seem suspicious when I say No. I believe many of the health issues facing Americans could be resolved if we just took better care of ourselves.

  • Lana

    Totally agree on the pain pills and my kids were the same. And now you have those things in your house. I worked with a prison release program and mentored women and I have been face to face the results of that addiction. They gave up everything they had including children and marriages for those pills. Prison does not cure their addiction and they end up back there within a year.

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