the brothers buzz

Last week my older son went over to his grandparents’ house to get some help with his chemistry. When he came back home, he was bald.

The younger kids freaked, covering their eyes and carrying on like they’d seen a monster. And then my older daughter walked in and stopped dead in her tracks.

He was going bald anyway, and there was pretty much nothing he can do to cover it up. Just flaunt it, I suggested. There are lots of handsome, bald men. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. 

Apparently, he takes me seriously.

And then, a couple days later, my younger son decided to cut his hair. He messed around with a pair of scissors for a while.

But then he got tired of that and switched to the cutters.

He says his head feels wet all the time, from the cool air, and he’s taken to wearing a stocking cap to keep warm, but over all, he’s pleased as punch with his new look.

Really! He is!

When my younger son started chopping off his hair, I suddenly got worried that my older son would be annoyed that his brother was copying him. So I texted him, just to give him a heads up.

My older son was cool with it, though.

Brotherly baldies for the win!

PS. When he read this post, my older son said, “That’s why you texted me? Why would I be annoyed? That’s dumb.”

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  • Lauralli

    My dad is really bald–zero hair on top, just some on the sides and back. My husband is mostly bald. I have three sons with beautiful curly hair. The older two are for sure receding. I've always told them not to be too attached to their hair! But, on a serious note–tell your boys to keep sunscreen or hats on outside from now on! Skin cancer is prevalent on bald mens' heads!

  • Vicki Marvin

    I love the look! My husband started shaving head due to thinning hair when he was in his 20s and our youngest son (14) has kept his head shaved since he was old enough to have an opinion. It's so much easier! We had a similar copy cat situation with our daughters. When I spoke with my oldest daughter to warn her, she looked at me like I had three heads and pretty much said exactly what your son did, "Why would I care? That's dumb." Those reactions warm my heart. Love his earrings – goes well with the bald look.

  • Melodie

    My husband keeps threatening to shave off his increasingly thinning hair. (I give him his haircuts; I'm the only one he allows to trim his hair, much to my dismay.) I think what he wants is a buzz cut with a quarter inch left or so but not a total shave. These pictures help me visualize the possibilities. (The earrings are a nice touch with the baldie look.)

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