the quotidian (7.31.17)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Wormy and overripe: makes me cranky just looking at the photo.
Babysitting exhaustion: “Now I understand why you drink so much coffee.”

photo credit: younger son

Musical cat.

Rainy day blues.

And….driver number two hits the Interstate. 
When chores are relevant.

PSA: If you are thinking of visiting the zoo on a gorgeous Sunday in July, don’t.
Face of the peeved.
But the mist machines were cool.

Together again.

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  • Athanasia

    Why not visit the zoo? Everyone looks happy 🙂 Are you watching the penguins?

    Sorry about your wormy corn 🙁 I hope you will still be able to get something from them, though, yuck. I hate worms. That is why I always have someone else remove the husks for me, just in case.

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