the quotidian (5.29.17)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Never enough.

Older daughter decided she might like to learn to cook, so: glazed carrots.
Prepping for the week ahead.
For the last time, she cooks: chuchitos.
If he begs long enough, eventually I’ll cave: homemade strawberry jam.

The dog takes her responsibilities quite seriously. 
A couple kids here, a couple kids there: slowly racking up the babysitting cash.
One-night stand.

Big washday.

This same time, years previous: butter chicken, the hard part, the quotidian (5.26.15), spicy cabbage, the quotidian (5.28.12), one dead mouse.


  • Athanasia

    Oh, is Melissa's time with you up already?? Did you write her recipes down?

    If your daughter really likes babysitting, mother's helper is a nice summer job to get. My sister and I always did that. My youngest daughter still does.

    The do/responsiblity photo is very nice…I like the way the leg stride and the tilt of the head all echo each other. You should enter it in Open Adult section at your county fair.

  • Margo

    You have metal clothespins? Is that what I see in the bottom of your bucket? I need to have a big wash day if only the SUN would COME OUT and the rain would desist.

    • Jennifer Jo

      Yes, metal. My sister-in-law ordered three different kinds of clothespins for us to try. These metal ones are wonderfully sturdy, but I still prefer classic wooden clips.

      The rain is getting to me, too, but we just had a couple days of sun so I'm feeling a little better now. Hang in there!

  • Mama Pea

    Tell your older daughter I'm so glad she's gone back to her short haircut. I think she looks quite beautiful with it that way.

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