full disclosure

You know how I said that when I go writing I leave the big kids at home and it’s like I have live-in maids? Well, the cleaning doesn’t happen in the most professional of ways. I know this because the children thoughtfully document their shenanigans with my camera.

Take, for instance, the day I told my older son to scrub all the screens in the house.

Not the most productive of screen-washing methods, you can see.

Full disclosure: After being twice-washed (so says the boy), the screens were still dirty and had to be redone later, but this time under the supervision of a scowling papa, no playing around allowed.

This same time, years previous: mousy mayhem, roasted carrot and red lentil soup, creamed asparagus on toast.


  • Margo

    those are great photos!!! And this post makes me feel better about my kids 🙂 (currently hovering nearby the kitchen because some kid tends to play with the faucet spray instead of wash dishes – – sighhhh)

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