good writing

Twice today, I teared up.

The first time was after lunch when the three younger kids and I gathered around the woodstove (it’s bitter today!) so I could finish up reading this book to them. I got to the end and wham, suddenly I was blubbering.

I can read out loud just fine, and I can tear up and keep it secret (usually), but put the two together and things disintegrate mighty fast.


The second time was while reading this essay. The ending left me feeling suckerpunched. So, so good.

Smart writing and leaky eyes—gotta love it!

Photos brought to you by the Everyone-Needs-A-Cute-Puppy Board.

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  • Judi

    Thanks for the book recommendation. I read "Counting by 7s" and could not put it down! What a great read. I just reserved the CD so we can listen to it on our road trip next week. Thank you!

  • Georgia Honeybee

    What a lovely tribute to her husband. Makes me want to purposely dote on my husband every day. To love and to be loved- what an incredible gift…

  • beckster

    Yes, that essay. When I read it, I cried a lot, but it was not all sadness. It was so poignant. What greater love than to wish the love of your life finds another wonderful life after you leave. Love, permission to live, admiration, and humor all in the same love letter. Quite a feat on your death bed!

  • Becky

    I read that post when it was first published and I had to put the paper down the rest of the day. I definitely cannot revisit yet.

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