kitchen concert

One thing you must know about my older son: he listens to music constantly.

Whenever I assign him an extended household chore such as washing dishes, folding laundry, or scrubbing the kitchen floor, he first has to run to his room to grab his equipment. If I’m feeling benevolent or—and this is more likely—am not around, one of his speakers (either this small one or this bigger one) gets hauled out and the music blares. When I’m cranky, he wears headphones. (I used to think headphones were so individualistic and anti-social, but now? Sanity savors all the way, baby.)

He sings while he works. (Dances, too—there’s a frightful amount of gyrating and head jerking.) Earlier this week when he was emptying the dish drainer, he discovered his sound quality could be enhanced by warbling into a large bowl. So then he subjected me to The Phantom of the Opera’s “Music of the Night” à la A Bowl.

Softly, deftly, 
Music shall caress you, 
Hear it, feel it, 
Secretly posses you….

It was quite the show.

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  • Karen

    Does he know any "Hamilton"? Must get his acting genes from somewhere. Glad to hear he can gyrate, jerk and warble. What might have been.

  • Lana

    How did my kids never figure this out?! Hubby and I will have to try it! (Empty nester fun)

    Our kitchen chores were done to Sinatra or Bluegrass most nights but our youngest son was always a fan of opera and so our house was filled with it from the upstairs many days. Opera is what drove me nuts because it all sounded the same to me.

  • Saundra

    How wonderful for him. A great way to do chores. A whole lot better than how some kids whine the whole time (ask me how I know). He looked a little surprised there at the end of your photo shoot.
    I love you family stories, thank you, Sandy in California.

  • Mama Pea

    You are soooo fortunate it's music from "The Phantom of the Opera" he likes rather than some of the other simply awful stuff people his age prefer! (How about posting a video with sound??)

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