the quotidian (2.27.17)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

We’ve eaten nearly an entire pig and I still haven’t found a pulled pork recipe I like.
Just the way I like it: swimming in butter and honey.

Birthday breakfast.

With caramel, chocolate, and pecans: it shouldn’t have been disappointing, but it was.

An impulse purchase: have you tried it?



Why bother with a sofa if you have a horse?

I always thought she had horns…
(Just kidding!)
He changed the brake pads.

Not working.

Buzz off.

Outdoor bedroom.

Flying his cheesy freak flag.

A third teenager!

This same time, years previous: old-fashioned molasses cream sandwich cookies, roasted cauliflower soup, Oreo, the quotidian (2.25.13), the quotidian (2.27.12), for my daughter, creamy garlic soup, and Grandma Baer’s caramel popcorn.


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