the quotidian (2.20.17)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Breakfast for the gods…or me!
I don’t even shape the loaf anymore: just pour the dough directly into the hot pot.

Winter salad.

For next Christmas, maybe: a work in progress.

When cooking with fresh Asian noodles, rinsing them, post-cooking, makes all the difference. 
Saturday morning pancakes.

An education in junk food: dumpster-dived loot
(The kids were not impressed.)
Clean sink; steamy-hot dishcloth.

Spilling its guts.

Top knot.

Gee! Haw!
A windy day, a garbage bag, some sticks, and a whole lotta hope.

Solor panel repair and the home-engineered hoist for lifting and lowering.

The hoist operator and her back-up.

Twizzler tease.

This same time, years previous: Jonathan’s jerky, doppelganger, in the last ten months, in my kitchen: 11:50 a.m., almond cake, Monday blues, in the eyes of the beholder, chicken pot pie, the quotidian 2.20.12), and homemade Twix bars.


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