the quotidian (1.2.17)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace 
For a quadruple batch of revitalization soup: it lasted us from Solstice to New Year’s.
I heart bread.

Oh, nuts: an expensive flop.

Learning to use silpats.

To balance the sugar.

It’s a love story.

Nursing his audiobook addiction.

Hair trim and blowout.


Computer screen selfie.

Wrapping polo wraps.


Kindle magic: he picks it up and promptly forgets he has a family.

The perks of travel: FOOD.
New Year’s Eve glow run: i.e., the race in which I got passed by a gazillion little kids.

Another “finally” project getting ticked off the list.

This same time, years previous: 5-grain porridge with apples, the quotidian (1.2.12), loose ends, and lentil sausage soup.


  • Athanasia

    The nuts look good…did you use them anyways? Add them to chex mix, but since they are already toasted, add them in after the cereals are done baking.

    I am not sure what is meant by "wrapping polo wraps". ??

    • Jennifer Jo

      The nuts might be too far-gone. Not sure I can stomach them.

      Horses wear polo wraps around their ankles (for support) and my daughter had washed her huge collection and was rolling them up, using a contraption that my husband fashioned for that very purpose.

    • Athanasia

      Oh, I see. I guess. I thought maybe she was sewing. Her skirt is very pretty fabric.

      I suppose you can always add the nuts to the bird and squirrel buffet 🙂

  • beckster

    The back splash does look great! A little something new in the kitchen really makes the chores seem different, at least for a while. The nuts were a fail??? Why? They look good.

    • Jennifer Jo

      Even though I baked them for less time then she called for, they got too toasty. And the flavor was blah. Very underwhelming. Have you tried them?

    • beckster

      No, and I certainly won't after your review. I am a nut lover, and I would hate to ruin any of them. I occasionally spice up nuts, but most often eat them raw.

  • Suburban Correspondent

    Is the sink new, too? I love my double sink. Especially handy if there is no dishwasher!

    And, yeah, I definitely need something to balance the sugar around here.

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