the quotidian (10.24.16)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Heading out: of a Virginia morning.

Should I pick her up?

Best-ever indulgence: brownie, vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce.

The kid is constitutionally unable to eat popcorn without spilling.

Supper, going up in flames.

And some people think my husband is quiet. Ha.

For after the last show: a surprise cake for the new 17-year-old.
The people who got to eat it.

Arriving home. (We’re popular.)

Forget eggs. This chicken sits on sheep.

First time. 

The kids went away for a weekend (to church retreat) and then came back.

This same time, years previous: our cracking whip, the reading week, random, breaking news, a silly supper, aging, cheddar cheese fondue, and brown sugar syrup.


  • Melodie

    The chicken on the sheep is a classic. Love love it! I need to copy and send to my grandson Sam who so loved your farm that he still talks about it (and of course I made our visit into a book for him.)

  • Second Sister

    Beautiful pics, Jennifer. I'm glad the kids came home. I'm guessing that makes you proud just how capable they are. Have you ever seen videos on the internets of baby goats jumping around on top of other animals? That is worth a look if you need a good giggle sometime. Your hen is beautiful.

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