hair loss

How much hair falls out of your head when you wash it?

I was discussing this with some people recently and was interested to learn that what I perceived to be a normal amount was considered excessive by others.

This is what I typically gather during my every-other-day hair wash. (After giving birth, the hair loss was 3 or 4 times this amount and seemed to go on forever.)

My younger daughter sheds hair at an alarming rate. I’m constantly picking her hair from her clothes, and when I braid it, I usually collect a whole bouquet of baby-fine blonde hairs that I feed directly to the vacuum nozzle so they won’t waft about the house, haunting me at every turn. On the other hand, my older daughter’s hair sticks firmly to her head.

So, after giving the issue almost zero thought, I’ve come to the brilliant conclusion that some people shed hair and others don’t. (Give me a medal, please.) Which are you?

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  • Margo

    I shed a lot, but more so right now than usual – maybe it's still post partum?? Or anemia – I read mommychef's comment above. It cracks me up that you are blogging about this 🙂

  • Second Sister

    I think people with longer hair notice it more than shorter because, well, longer hair is more easily accounted for, it seems, doesn't blow away quiet as easily. I've had times of great shedding and some of less, but always when my hair is longer it seems like I place a small rodent in the trash can after a hair wash! You're in good company.

  • Becky

    I'm a shedder. My husband is always picking hair off my clothes (and his!). I leave large clumps in the shower after washing it and sometimes have to vacuum just because I've shed so much. My daughter is a shedder, but not nearly as much. The dog is a huge shedder, but it may be a close race as to who sheds more – me or her.
    Meanwhile, my balding husband muses that I still appear to have a very full head of hair while everyone around me wears it and his is just very quietly leaving.

  • mommychef

    I am shedder…a lot…almost as much as when I was post partum. I sort of avoid too much hair washing for that reason. I was getting a bit worried, my doctor told me it was stress (I am an anxious type). My last blood tests came back with iron-deficiency (pretty low) and hair loss is also a symptom of that. Hoping the pills and a few more burgers help!

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