the quotidian (10.10.16)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

She’s got a plan and I approve.

Our personal guacamole chef.

Doctored Ramen.

Birthday pies.

You know you’re a Mennonite when…
you bother to salvage the plastic bags in the midst of making 12000 donuts.

With my older son: running lines.



He’s on an experiment bender.
He  built a house.

Never too old for dress-up (though she did have to alter the dress first).


Window washing: cat’s got her back. 

Can you guess what he’s making me?

Blood pressure checks: our version of dinnertime entertainment.

This same time, years previous: o happy!, salted caramel ice cream, contradictions and cream, the quotidian (10.8.12), clouds, green tomato curry, the quotidian (10.10.11), and pie pastry with lard and egg.


  • Becky

    I totally want to come for dinner at your house with that list!

    I second never being too old for dress up. It's spirit week at the high school and the old dress up box came out of the attic for the week.

  • dr perfection

    My favorite pics: horse braids and girl on horse. She looks like the cover of a romance novel (I don't own any books like that, but I've seen them in the bookstore).

    • Jennifer Jo

      Basic ramen, plus peas and carrots, then a fried egg and hot sauce and cilantro. Lots of black pepper. It was a cold day and I ate it on the porch steps, sitting in the sun.

    • Jennifer Jo

      Yep, a kitchen island! It's been the plan for 10 years, but he's just now getting around to it. Stools on one side. Six custom-made cabinets. (So now I have to figure out what I want….)

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