the quotidian (8.8.16)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Trashy art.

So refreshing: I drink it by the pint jar.

Straining his breakfast: he used the wrong (non lactose-free) milk.
It doesn’t get any simpler.

Salsa (or some such tomato-y thing), in waiting.

Didn’t quite meet my expectations, and I even shelled out the big bucks for the Gruyere, pfft.

I roasted them.

A boatload of zucchini boats: capitalizing on the church potluck.

Onion tears.

Note the paper and pencil for tallying his pieces of pizza.

A once-a-year event, if we’re lucky.

All by herself: she pulls up the entire plant, tears the corn off the stalk, husks it, and eats it.
(Mom and Dad, if you were wondering why your corn patch isn’t producing
as well as you thought it should….)

Brotherly-love shelf installment: for the Little, from the Big.

Riverside paparazzi: my daughter turned the tables on me.

Spoiled dog.

He adored his big “brother.” 
(And yes, my son does know how to properly hold a fork…I think?)

For playing Fox and Geese: my younger son mowed a trail in the grass.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…..


  • Marian Beaman

    I am visiting here via Shirley Showalter's website too. As she predicted, I feel right at home here. The ordinary always seems special if we stop and notice, which this posts invites me to do. Thank you, Jennifer!

    • Jennifer Jo

      Cleaning it! And then when we were all done, the fan started making wonky noises and I was like, "Great. Now it's broken. That'll teach me to never clean the fridge again." But then the rattling stopped. So we're good!

  • Susan

    Rats, I was really banking on the Smitten Kitchen zucchini pizza being a game changer. It sounded so promising! (I'm still going to give it a try because the zucchini keeps on a-coming).

    • Jennifer Jo

      I really liked the texture of the grated zucchini on the pizza. Changes I would make:

      1. Prebake the crust halfway—the zucchini made the top of it slightly soggy.

      2. Add garlic. My kids sprinkled granulated garlic on their pieces and said it was much better.

      3. Maybe mix some thinly chopped sweet onion in with the zucchini?

      4. More red pepper flakes. I sprinkled on a few, but it needed more heat.

      5. Of course, some sausage wouldn't hurt….

      If you try it, let me know what you think. Maybe you'll convince to to make another go of it!

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