twist and shout

Yesterday the spine doctor gave the green light for my son to begin weaning himself off the brace. We waited until we got home for The Great Un-shelling.

It’s pretty weird, seeing him walking around without the hard plastic coating he’s been wearing for the last two months. He hasn’t bent or twisted his back since April 24. (Go on, click the link. That photo compared to the one above? My throat tightens just looking at it. He’s come such a long way.)

The first time my older daughter saw him twist from side to side, she shrieked and covered her eyes.

You can see the lump in his back from the break. Running my hand down his spine gives me the willies.

He’s moving slowly, gingerly. He says he feels stiff, but fine. His lower back is what hurts, if anything. Probably from lack of use. After a few days, he’ll no longer wear the brace at all, but he can still only lift ten pounds for the next four weeks. At that point, his bones should be eighty percent healed (it will take up to two years for the them to heal completely) and he will have resumed all ordinary activity, aside from super heavy lifting and running.

Next up: eye surgery!

This same time, years previous: the quotidian (6.30.14), blueberry pie, drying apricots, baby bunnies, and work.


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