the quotidian (6.6.16)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Summer feast.

Tenderloins, the “fish” cut: grilled
(I think it needed some ginger.)

Cooking colors.

Frozen whoopies, sliced.

A great substitute for gummy candy: dried nanners.

Ask the Costco cake lady if she gives lessons, and she will hand over all her contact information,
plus an entire tube of icing with instructions to start practicing.
Making edible treats.

The perks of a personal patch.

Doing it wrong.

The little guy and his adoring fans.


Sibling love notes.

Unfinished and functional. In other words, this is how it’s gonna be.
Three of us have now read it.
Airing out.

When you have a bunch of friends and a small room: rooftop lounge. 

This same time, years previous: a better grilled cheese sandwich, the quotidian (6.2.14), on pins and needles, delivery, the quotidian (6.3.13), meat market, chocobananos, white icing, of a sun-filled evening, the best chocolate ice cream ever, strawberry daiquiris, sour cream ice cream, on hold, and what it’s about.


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