the quotidian (5.30.16)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

I say it’s better than apple pie, though the rest of my family does not agree.
Because I spent all afternoon snacking: my supper
Dumpling lessons, from their Japanese auntie.
Pan-fried: she also made deep-fried and boiled.

The art of stacking dishes.

Optimism reevaluated. 
Snake identification.

As though standing on a piece of metal will protect their bare feet should the snake strike.

All the better to see you with, my dear.

The kid has a knack for making sparks. 
About two seconds after this photo was taken, the lamb peed and pooped.
In the van. My daughter was not prepared.
Just for fun (because it’s all fun and games until…you have to use it when someone is actually hurt).

Ever wonder what a shrink-wrapped foot looks like? Now you know.

Itchy bumps: all over her feet, elbows, and upper thighs. 
Any ideas?

Cat toy.

Surprise attack.


Sent to me with the caption: “How bored can you get??!!”

Ballet recital: she’s finally found something she wants to stick with for more than five minutes.
Sleepy, on my sofa.

Day’s end.

This same time, years previous: in her element, spicy cabbage, the race we saw, showtime!, the saturation point, rhubarb tart and rhubarb tea, and fresh strawberry cream pie.


  • Unknown

    I love your posts and if that's a rhubarb pie, I love it too! Also, we just acquired a grill and asparagus seasoned with olive oil,salt and pepper is incredible. Also, my husband once hauled a large steer in our old minivan. He is an unusual man….

  • kyleann33

    I'm curious, what kind of snake did they find? Also for the itchy bumps, if you have jewel weed growing there the liquid inside it often relieves itching.

  • Fiona

    Your children are going to have the most amazing knowledge from all you expose them to from pooping lambs to ballet with cooking thrown in and a touch of engineering and biology! Marvelous.

  • Karren

    For the itchy bumps-I know this sounds crazy-but stroke stick deoderant on them. It does work. My husband taught me to use Mennen stick deoderant on that kind of thing, and it cools the itch, dries up the rash, and makes it go away better than anything we've bought in a drugstore. Quicker too!

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