the quotidian (5.23.16)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Rhubarb cream scones: only so-so.

Sunday breakfast of soaked muesli: good flavor, but gummy texture.
(Weirdly enough, my texture-sensitive husband liked it.)

For the horse: sugar cubes.


One: super-duper helpful; and two: positively dismal.
In the middle of freakin’ May, for crying out loud.

Little piggy beautification.

Sisterly help, post-bath. 
(Also, no more neck brace!)

Wild flower hunter.

Let’s put a green bow a-top her head and call her Strawberry.

On a simple walk through the field, my entourage.
Three-feet high and homemade.

Crusher Run: active quarry 5K.
(I did a better job of missing the puddles.)
A stool to sit upon: because making the Sunday popcorn is such an exhausting task.

This same time, years previous: ice cream supper, Shirley’s sugar cookies, the trouble with Mother’s Day, the basics, more on trash, the quotidian (5.21.12), savoring Saturday’s sun, through my daughter’s eyes, chocolate-kissed chili, and ranch dressing.  


  • Susan

    Rats, I'm bummed when someone doesn't love a book or author that I loved (like Robinson). As Margo mentioned, a great book is so different for each reader, as well as the context in which it's read. That's why I'm so reticent to recommend a book I love! On another note, we made the best rhubarb muffins over the weekend. In fact, they're some of my favorite muffins ever — tender, tasty, not too sweet. We used half whole wheat and canola oil.

    • Jennifer Jo

      I have good friends who love Robinson's writing, but I haven't hated a book so passionately in a long time! Tastes are so personal!

      Those muffins look scrumptious and are now on my to-make list. Thanks!

  • Margo

    a friend just gave me Housekeeping over the weekend because he loves it so much he gives it to everybody. I had a lukewarm response to Robinson before, so I'm not eager to read it. I'm working up to write a post on the kind of book I LOVE because "this book is great!" means so many different things.

  • Camille

    So relieved to know that one of your clan liked it! 🙂 Yours looks thicker than mine….the trick is to put lots of crunchy toppings on it and thin it out with some cream if necessary. I always enjoy your Quotidian posts….thank you for letting us peek into your lives. So much goes on around there. We've had a few cold days, too. Hugs, Camille

    • Camille

      Add lots of pecans, too….I hope you end up liking it. It seems the more it's eaten, the more it's enjoyed around here. In fact, Fraser just informed me tonight that he's not a breakfast guy (didn't really know that before now), except when I'm serving up Muesli. 🙂

  • kyleann33

    It was nice to meet you at the Crusher Run! My boys were amused by the grey muck splashed all up the back of my black running tights.

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