the quotidian (5.16.16)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace


Make-out bread.

Pizza night: the first course.

Whisk tracks.

With butter and lemon: baby kale.

They wanted to make bread without a recipe.
The results were as one would expect.

Music, music, music. Always music.

He’s more chill about his restrictions than I thought he’d be…and way more than I know I’d be.

How the engineer does it.

Wild excitement: multiplication flashcards.

The final choice.

Afternoon deck sprawl.

Team Lambs: fun and games.

Perhaps we should sell her to the circus?

This same time, years previous: Captain Morgan’s rhubarb sours, crock pot pulled venison, people watching and baby slinging, help, a burger, a play, and some bagels, ’twas an honor, raspberry mint tea, garden tales, part one, garden tales, part two, and talking points rained out.


  • Tracie H

    Love this as always. Question, what is the eye cover thing on your daughter's horse? Can he see through it?

    • Jennifer Jo

      It's a fly mask. And yes, horses can see through them just fine (though I can't help but feel like they'd be rather limiting).

  • katie

    Love the picture of your son playing the piano. So glad he (and you) are managing the recovery so well so far.

    As for the loaves of bread, to me, it cried out cell division/mitosis.

  • melodie davis

    The guitarist's choice of candy for his ordeal would be my choice. So nice to see him functioning–just three weeks ago he was at UVA?Wow.

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