the quotidian (3.28.16)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

My second flop in a row: can I no longer make a decent chocolate cake???

My younger daughter’s latest creation: every time we go to Costco, she lurks at the edge of the bakery like a lost puppy, watching the cake decorators (and hoping they’ll toss her a treat).

Post-rehearsal: late-afternoon “lunch” in the sun.

Running lines while rocking lambie.

Fly season: it’s disgusting.
Curious kisses.


Enforced lactation.

Putting in fence for the second pasture: she says she wants a steer.

Jacob Marley! Come to life! In our field!
Frolicking till the sun sets.

This same time, years previous: the Tuesday boost, seven-minute egg, maple pecan scones, our oaf, the visit, the quotidian (3.26.12), a spat, breaking the habitsmokey fried chickpeas, happy birthday, happy pappy!, and brandied bacony roast chicken.


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