the quotidian (10.26.15)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace


The visiting spot.


At the birthday boy’s request, apple pies for breakfast.


Because it’s normal to sample your animals’ feed, right? 
In the tack room.

Delivered to our doorstep: whey for the piggies.

When hungry, they froth at the mouth and scream.

Mystery photo: can you guess?

Ya think they might be visible enough?
Afternoon gin and tonic.

Mad skills: six new spark plugs, changed transmission fluid plus a new transmission filter, 
changed oil plus a new oil filter, a new starter, and a (sorta) fixed hole in the muffler. 

Supper? Ha, yeah right.

This same time, years previous: in the garden, the quotidian (10.25.11), sweet potato pie, the morning kitchen, brown sugar syrup, buttermilk pancakes, and signs, news, and daydreams.  


  • Karen

    Those apple pies look ah-mazing! My husband LOVES pies & I rarely make them because…that dang crust. My pie crust always comes out chewy instead of flaky & it's just really kind of a downer. I've tried different recipes but I usually get the same results. Maybe I'm impatient & rush through the recipe without carefully following it. I dunno. BUT, your crusts looks luscious! Do you have a recipe somewhere here on the blog for your apple pie..specifically your crust?

    • Jennifer Jo

      I used the rich butter pastry for those pies, but you might want to try an oil-based pastry first, since that kind is easier to make..except I'm looking at my index and I don't have that recipe on here. Shoot. Perhaps I'll have to remedy that. But if you make a crust for a quiche, I HIGHLY recommend the lard pastry—SUPER rich and flaky. Good luck!

  • Jennifer Jo

    Re the mystery photo: you all think far too highly of us. It's just the van's rear windshield how it is right now—dirty—and NOT getting washed, waxed, or in any way cleaned.

  • karen

    I remember my sister used to sample cat and dog treats when we were kids, and I probably shouldn't tell you that my husband would easily sample animal food now, just because. In many ways, I married my sister, and funnily enough, she married me. I think we like each others' spouses.

    And I think that's a car window getting washed.


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