the quotidian (9.7.15)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

A variation on tomatoes in cream: use half-and-half in place of cream (only because I had no cream), chop the tomatoes right before serving, and then pour the whole mess over pasta and top with Parm.
A plate of spaghetti has never been more simple and true.

Cherry tomato plants: the definition of excessive generosity.
Upon waking: pulling up a stool to better hear an NPR story.

Two boys, a dictionary, and bananagrams.

Roof-top reading nook.

Latest infatuation: creating structures out of cards.

Apple smash: countrified baseball.

They think it’s a toy.
(Remember when they used to be content pushing around matchbox cars?) 

This same time, years previous: regretful wishing, how to clean a room, almond cream pear tart, fruit-on-the-bottom baked oatmeal, the big night, and say cheese!.  

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  • Margo

    ooooh, I am going to do that spaghetti, too!

    And I cracked up at that last photo – my brother and I got spanked as kids when we helpfully backed the car out of the garage for my dad. We truly thought we were helping. Now as a parent, I see where my dad was coming from.

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