the quotidian (8.17.15)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

One little monkey.

No one was forced in the eating of this tomato.

My son made these: they were so good that we nearly came to blows over them.
I misjudged.

A surprise visit by five East Coast women resulted in an accelerated peach-canning process.
(You know who you are: thank you!)

Saturday morning, before breakfast.

In three bites and with lots of crunching and growling: how to eat a mole.

My quiet evening on the porch.

His quiet evening on the sofa.

Underway: The Great Bedroom Shuffle of 2015.

In tomatoes: an important message…

..from my son. 

This same time, years previous: knowing my questions, easy French bread, from market to table, summer visitor, the beach, lately, our life, around the internets, kill a groundhog and put it in a quiche, washing machine worship and other miscellany, peach cornmeal cobbler and fresh peach ice cream, and drilling for sauce.        


  • Camille

    Smiling….what else is there to say? (Oh, except for the mole….my exact words…"Gross. Me. Out!") Happy Monday! Hugs, Camille

  • Eldon

    Oh man, I know EXACTLY how your son feels! I remember those days, and I may have done the very same thing, although I cant remember if I used tomatoes or apples.
    However, looking back now, I do not remember them in the way I was absolutely certain I would at the time. Instead of feelings of frustration and loathing, its nostalgia and in many ways a bittersweet combination the loss of simpler times and the understanding that we had a vibrant and rich childhood. Its not until those moments are long gone that you realize just how good they truly were. Its amazing what yanks you out of your every day and takes you back.

    • Eldon

      I can assure him that there will come a day where he no longer wants to rip every tomato plant that he sees out of the ground and throw them to the goats. Instead of never wanting to see a tomato plant again, there will be a day when he will wish for a slightly bigger yard so he can plant two more tomatoes, and maybe some peas and beans if hes lucky.

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