the quotidian (4.27.15)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

It’s stinky pee season!

Tuna melts to go with.

Against my better (and apparently not very good) judgement: a worthless experiment.


Brain Games and a snacky lunch. 
(Explanation for all the tuna: Costco.)

Fancy ankles.

Soap beard.

Bye-bye winter woolens.
Confusion: they spent the evening trying to find each other.

The transport vehicle: they soiled it reeeeeal good.
Still eating: just the males.

This same time, years previous: the newest addition, mango banana helados, beware the bedsheets, drama trauma, roasted carrot and red lentil soup, Monday rambles, and creamed asparagus on toast.


  • karen

    Our asparagus is emerging and going straight to seed this year. The weather is all over the place, no winter whatsoever, and a cold spring. So … who knows what our growing season will look like. At least we didn't have a late season freeze after a spring-like February. We were at risk of losing all blossom fruit at one point. #GratitudeRegardless

  • Rebecca

    You lucky duck! My asparagus are stalled out at approx. 6". We had a few 70 degree days that pushed them through the ground and then we got winter again. My dad keeps asking me "Are the asparagus ready yet?" and I'm having unholy thoughts of knocking down my aged parents in a race for the garden.

    • katie

      he he. We're in that same boat. I hopefully check (way too frequently) and those little tips are just barely poking out of the ground … day after day after day. At least the rhubarb is going great guns.

  • Camille

    I always say this, but, it bears repeating ~ I *love* your quotidian posts….so much so that I copied (but, you already know that). Your life is full and you are capturing it well. Hugs, Camille

  • Margo

    what was not great about the popcorn? I went and looked at it and I think I might have fallen for it, too – even though I'm not a fan of rice krispie treats.

    Maybe you should make Zoe's poppy chow to get the taste out of your mouth – you know, that puppy chow snack that people do with Crispix cereal? Zoe did it with popcorn and it's fabuloso.

    • Jennifer Jo

      It was way too many marshmallows to crunch ration, and because popcorn is smooshier than krispies, the resulting candy was soft and (excuse me, but) snot-like. It was thick and gooey and I had to press it into bars and even then it was more mush than solid. It was NOTHING like kettle corn.

      I think Zoe's idea is much more sound (and, I'm sure, delicious).

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