the quotidian (4.20.15)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace


Supper prep.

After waiting two loooong months for the from-China delivery: replacing the wings.

Confession: at our house, shit flies. In this case, literally.
Perfect for budding drivers: our new-to-us beater car. 
It’s stick shift! (Or “stick fish,” depending on who is talking.)

Ready for church.

I can’t do this.

Like his father: a surge of frustration with a malfunctioning object
and it is, suddenly and swiftly, flipped and fixed.


How many kids does it take to bathe the baby?

My brother grilled us a feast.

The meaty line-up: “I feel like an American.”

This same time, years previous: Omri, joining the club, fun and fiasco: chapter two, fun and fiasco: chapter three, nutmeg coffee cake, loose ends, the quotidian (4.16.12), and then he shot me through the heart, picking us up, mint wedding cake, ground pork and white bean chili, banana cake and creamy peanut butter frosting, and baked spaghetti.

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  • Lauralli

    My oldest son learned to drive a stick shift, too. He is the only person his age who knows how to do this! So, he has a vanishing skill already (at least that's what I tell him!). Other parents have said they need him to teach their kids. Sadly, the very old truck was totaled (didn't take much) by the same son. So, looks like the younger two will never learn how.

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