a morning’s start

After five months of riotous slothdom, I’ve taken up running again. It’s glorious! It’s not that I so much enjoy getting slapped in the face with cold air immediately after waking, or the pounding on pavement, or the I’m-dying feeling as much as it is the Having Done It High I get from, uh, having done it. Running first thing in the morning means I start off the day feeling like I’ve slayed dragons, and before breakfast even. Plus, it makes lazying around the house for the rest of the day slightly more justifiable.

Yesterday when I got back from my run, my husband and two older kids were on their way out the door—my daughter on her way to the farm and my son to the job site with my husband. I told the kids to “hold it” because photo op.

Pictures snapped (what begrudging curmudgeons!), they helped my husband clean out his truck.

Well, kind of helped. If bickering and pulling down his pants is considered helping.

Then I took a selfie which prompted a lecture from my husband on the proper way to take a selfie—camera above face! chin down!—from the man who has never taken a selfie, ha.

It got blurry and sickly greenish (thanks to all that florescent), but that’s how I feel in the morning, so it’s fitting.

Oops, stretching!

And then they were off, and I headed into a quiet house (since the younger two children were still sleeping, sweet bliss) to fix my coffee,

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  • Becky

    It must be something in the air, because I've been getting up early this week to work out too! I did it for years, then the school schedule preempted that little habit, leaving me to whine about it for ages (when you are up to get a child in the bus at 7 am, getting up before that seems ungodly early). Now that I can do it again, I'm having troubles getting back into the swing of it. Pulling out spring clothes and realizing how many pairs of pants really don't fit have been a wonderful inspiration for getting back into the swing of it. And yes, there is much to be said for getting it done before everyone else is up.

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