the quotidian (3.24.14)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Snowy entrance.

No matter how sick I am of it, it’s still magic. 
Potato Gnocchi: I made a huge batch, froze it on trays (we eventually nixed the traditional fork-print 
in favor of non-smushed, simplfied gnocchi), then popped them into quart containers. 
Now I have several meals of fresh gnocchi ready for the eating: just boil and serve.

Butternut squash minis, from her birthday cookbook.

Twin knee mountains: grandmother, granddaughter, and a reading lesson.
Chemistry: the other mole.

“Let it go, oh, let it go….” 
 The “Frozen” infatuation playing itself out. 
(And this was pre-movie viewing.)
The new nephew: perfecting his presidential wave.

I went to Costco. ‘Nuff said.
Sunday supper: to go with Frozen.

This same time, years previous: of a moody Sunday, oatmeal toffee bars, snappy happy, playing Martha, and I won.


  • Jamie Jo

    Oh, that baby. I just want to kiss him!! (can you tell, I'm getting old and am yearning for just one more baby…?)

    We also have popcorn for supper sometimes….I yell, "Popcorn and smoothies, anyone?" and they all yell, very excitedly in favor.

  • Suburban Correspondent

    I, too, demand to know why she is unwrapping all the toilet paper rolls. And, as a homeschooler, my first thought about the chemistry homework picture was "What curriculum/course are you using?"

    • Jennifer Jo

      Re the chemistry: it's nothing fancy. Just Khan Academy. He listened to all the biology lectures and has now moved on to chemistry. He's only in 8th grade, so I'm just having him listen for exposure and interest. He feels like he understands it, but who knows how much he's retaining. But he enjoys it—so that's worth something!

    • Suburban Correspondent

      Thanks for the idea! I immediately signed Brian up for the biology series, just to familiarize him with the topics before he takes his Biology course next year. I never would have thought of that on my own.

  • Margo

    but why is she unwrapping every roll?

    And tell me more about the gnocchi: you can just throw frozen gnocchi in boiling water and boil it up? This is excellent. I love that kind of trick. Oh – I'm remembering that I used to buy frozen tortellini and do that, so yes, I guess it would make sense that I could replicate the frozen pasta trick at home.

    • Jennifer Jo

      Because she wanted to. (Our regular TP comes in a big pack, not individually wrapped rolls. I guess she was trying to make the ridiculous pile of TP feel … normal?)

      When I was doing research about the gnocchi, some people said they only had luck cooking the gnocchi (without it falling apart) if the gnocchi was frozen. And the partially frozen gnocchi I boiled turned out much nicer than the room temp stuff. So maybe that's a central step?

  • ShelahN

    I was disappointed to find out the first photo was not a chocolate cake with stenciled 10X.
    Wouldn't that be pretty?

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