the creative norm

I recently came across an article about the 13 (or 17 or 15 or whatever) traits of highly creative people. I read through it and was like, Oh wow, I’m a highly creative person. I like to people watch and I have a knack for shaking things up and I’m religious about my recharge time. Go me.

But then I thought of all the people I know, and they were all highly creative, too.


So I flipped it around (because I’m a highly creative person) and asked, “Who do I know who’s not creative?”

I couldn’t come up with a single name! I mean, sure, there are people who have been dulled by screens, systems, and lack of opportunities. But that’s not the case with most people I know.

Which led me wonder, isn’t creativity simply part of the human condition? Is there anything even very special about it?

P.S. Here’s the article! And it’s 18 traits, my bad.


  • Kendra

    Apparently, creative people are mostly upper-middle class with the discretion to 'work the hours that work for them', the financial stability to pursue their dreams and find new adventures, have enough control over the hours in the day to take time for solitude and 'make time for mindfulness' and were blessed with the sociocultural upbringing to have the notions of 'self-expression' and 'true passions'. I don't disagree with this per se (and agree with you that it is pretty broad) … but maybe it isn't actually broad ENOUGH? or doesn't get at what is truly create-ive in the world…?

  • Margo

    At first I thought the article was interesting, but then it went on and on and ON. And, like you, I did start to wonder about the opposites behind the 18 characteristics. . .

  • Mavis

    I think you should work a picture of the item {scarf, neckwarmer, leg warmer,hat} you are working on into every post until it is finished.

    1. I want to see the finished product.
    2. I want to know how long it takes you to finish it.
    3. Perhaps we can barter later down the road. I will hook you a kitchen rug and you can knit me a hat and scarf set. 🙂

  • Second Sister

    Hey! I say yes to your wondering, personally. Not that its an expert opinion. Our culture kinda tunes us to think we are extra special when we really aren't anyway. Again, not an expert opinion- just my own humble one at this point in life.

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