the quotidian (3.10.14)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Body art, courtesy of The Grandmother. 
The knee update: a hairline fracture and bone “bruising.” 
Six to eight weeks in the brace. 
No surgery, hallelujah.

Girlfriend tea party. 
(In the middle of a snowstorm, but not that you can tell by looking at my daughter’s clothes.)

Sibling bickering over whether or not it was hot outside led to a bet/dare: 
Sit outside for 30 minutes and I’ll give you some of my toothfairy Nerds
(Her older brother had pity on her and snuck her some music.) 
She got the Nerds and remained firm in her convictions.

(The child is impervious to the cold.)
Rhythm counting.

Mathematical remains. 
 Also, this is why I wash my beans.

The game that never ends. 
(Or at least not soon enough to suit me.)

Knocking down the snow blinds.

Piecing it together.
(It’s finished now.)
Of an evening: cookies and paperwork.

Taco salad. 
Flash chill for a Friday night “emergency.”

Pizza night!

This same time, years previous: work at Bezaleel, working kids, soft pretzels, now, blondies and breakdowns, we’re back from seeing the wizard 


  • Jamie Jo

    Gosh, I 'm loving your blog. I think we might have similar personalities. I also think Monopoly is the game that never ends (or not as soon as I'd like), in fact, we just played Catan Thursday morning (we homeschool, we can do that) and I said, "This game is almost as long as Monopoly!" I was kind of wanting it to end like an hour earlier than it did. (it was a 2 hour game)

  • Mavis

    Is that rice in the pot on the table? We put rice in our tacos and tacos salads too {and practically everything else as well}. Glad I'm not the only one.

    • Jennifer Jo

      I never knew rice wasn't supposed to go with taco salad! (But now that you mention it, other people's taco salad doesn't come with rice, hmm…)

  • Camille

    I always enjoy your "Quotidian" posts. Thank you for the random snapshots of life as it happens. Yes, Monopoly does drone on and on and on. What wonderful news that your boy will escape surgery…that is a blessing! Yippee for little girl tea parties and finished puzzles and little boys who help. 🙂 Have a lovely week! Hugs, Camille

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