the quotidian (2.17.14)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

The Snow Edition



‘Twas rather windy-ish.

Yet another wrestling match.
Soaking up the rays.

Wishing for wings.
(The man has a thing for jumping into snow.
When he was in college, 
dozens of guys jumped out of their first, second,
and third story dorm windows into the giant drifts. 
You can probably guess who the instigator was.)
Preparing to leap.

Dog turned groundhog.
We were all crowded ’round the window admiring her sweetness when she visibly shivered 
and we realized that the kennel gate was closed with her on the outside. 
And just like that, her darling-ness turned into straight-up pathetic-ness, the poor dear.

Because this is what you do when white stuff falls. 
(Except instead of being all cutesy and quaint, my children made a pack of slain snowmen. 
Maybe it’s a subtle message to the gods of winter?)
I’m guessing deer.

Grateful for the sexy big equipment that plows us out.

And inside…

An Inconvenient Truth: good, extreme-weather entertainment.

(And now they won’t let me turn on the lights.)
Contrary to all appearances, she’s not attaching it to her pants.
“Your move.”
Grandmommy and a book, all to herself.

Forget the stews and roasts, our snowed-in menu had a summery twist: 
fruit salad, hot dogs, potato salad, ice cream, and green salad.

And carrot cake.


  • karen

    Sometimes I wish your blog was just a FB page so that I could click like on all the pictures. Happily, we have rain, crocuses and snowdrop flowers here on the warmer wet coast. We are also relieved to have some snow on the local mountains to visit this weekend …

  • Rebecca

    Your world looks like ours. I just took the dogs out and the surface of feet-deep snow is still hard enough to hold us up. We've been watching Sherlock in between dosing goats for hoof rot.

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