the quotidian (12.23.13)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Setting moon.

Sun-kissed moons and stars.
A house built of already-burned matchsticks. 
Because not-already-burned matchsticks would be counterproductive.
A stellar combo: boys and all-you-can-eat cheesy chips and salsa.

They had high hopes. 
(I did not meet their expectations.)
He plays Yahtzee with them. I do not.
My, aren’t we a bright-looking bunch? (Good grief.)
Backstory: we had just finished reading a book about Handel’s life 
and were listening to bits of the Messiah to drive home the connection.
P.S. She’s fake picking. When I warned her the picture was going on the blog,
she still kept it up. So… Honey, the joke’s on you.


    • Jennifer Jo

      Uh, no. He bought a box from me, burned them, blew them out, and then glued them together. Saving used matches wouldn't be awesome. It'd be weird. (And if anyone out there saves used matches, I'm sorry I just called you weird.) (But you are.)

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