the quotidian (12.9.13)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Warm weather = “Let’s Build Tikal!”

(Confusing picture clarification: that’s a background plant that looks like it’s hanging out of his mouth.)
I don’t think this was how the Mayans did it.
She loves her hat.

Sick, but not sick enough to not dream of Christmas cookies.
(Two children picked the iced lemon shortbread. Obliging them won’t be a problem.)
And thus begins the Christmas treat making.
Does your kitchen help unwrap caramels while wearing an evening gown?

It kind of elevates the experience.
Taste of winter.
Fireside fibers.
Castle construction.
Goof-off suds.

Just for anyhow: because orange cranberry scones don’t need a reason for being.
The recipe called for three teaspoons of Ranch dressing powder. I did tablespoons. Oops.
(The photo is of a re-make recipe. The kids refused to eat it. 
I do believe they were too scarred from the first time around.)
The Sunday lunch workhorses: we canceled our lunch guests due to weather and then, because we had a clean house and four batches of waffles and a half gallon of sausage gravy ready to go, 
we invited over three neighboring households. 
I didn’t get my fill of Thanksgiving so we did it all over again.
Lights, lights, and more lights: ’tis the season!

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