lessons from a shopping trip

*The best, most-thoughtful shopping lists are worthless if left at home.

*Searching for brown socks is futile and makes me angry. Just stay home and shop Amazon.

*Mannequins are scary. The nasty things repeatedly jolted me out of my deep, outfit-pondering trances. Do retailers realize that filling their store with lots of lurking, icy, plastic women might be counterproductive?

*Layering clothes, while attractive, means double the money. Can’t do it.

*Trying on frames for new glasses = a study in all my insecurities, because a) I can’t tell the women’s frames from the men’s, b) I have no idea what looks good on my face, c) I’d like to be big, bad, and bold and go for something huge and expressive but haven’t the nerve, which means that, d) I’m stylishly mediocre, the (re)realization of which makes me, e) depressed.

*Upon arriving home at 3 pm, battered and lunchless, the solution is simple. First, a peanut butter apple, snarfed. Second, a hard pretzel with slices of smoked Gouda. Third, a cup of coffee with whipped cream, a mini Heath bar, and the newest Bon Appetit.

The photo has nothing to do with the post, except to serve as
an example of the exact opposite of how I feel post shopping. 


  • Kathy ~ Artful Accents

    So this is what I've learned about shopping lists due to several (many) times of forgetting my list. Find a good app where you keep your shopping lists. I use Grocery IQ. I have all the stores listed where I regularly shop. Then I can enter items under each of those stores. I can even move the stores around to help myself plan out my errand running in order. It should be noted that this is only helpful if you remember to take your phone with you. Just sayin'. 🙂

  • Melani

    Shopping for glasses is the worst, especially because the only ones that seem to fit my face come from the children's section and what almost 40 year old wants to wear children's glasses? Friday must have been painful shopping day, because I had a similar painful shopping experience in which I moaned about the poor quality of shirts these days (too thin of material that gets holes in them too quickly). The dog picture was perfect!

  • Lauralli

    If your phone has a camera, and you remember your phone (and remember to keep it charged)…..take a picture of your list…..the one time I remembered all of the above I thought myself pretty clever!

  • Karen Sue

    losing the list after you just had it,..bad…I like to use bright index cards as they are harder to lose. glasses shopping is not fun. I wear them all the time and a bad choice lasts a looooong time. Hope it all turned out OK

  • Rachelle

    Forgetting my shopping list is a regular occurrence with me. Desperately trying to remember what was on it only to get home afterwards and realizing I missed the most important thing is the norm. My short term memory is really horrible.

  • beckster

    I loathe shopping for anything! But for glasses, you must take someone you trust, particularly if you are really near-sighted like me. I can't tell what the frames look like on my face. So, I usually just go for frame-less glasses. Much easier than trying to pick out a flattering frame.

  • Margo

    I loathe shopping for glasses. Actually, I loathe shopping if I'm hoping to find something. If I know the thing I want is going to be in the store, that's fine. It's the SEARCHING that drives me crazy. Who knew brown socks would go missing? They would be simple, one would THINK. (I've had to go shopping too much recently – can you tell?)

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