the new bakery

I am loving my new panadería. There’s more space. There are
benches so the girls can sit down to take notes. There’s not a mouse infestation (yet). There’s lots of air, thanks to a wall of windows.
We’re closer to the main kitchens, and we don’t have to hike up a whole
mountain (just half of one) to get to our room.

Then last week my husband put it over the top by installing a big
blue pila (concrete sink). Running water in the bakery! It doesn’t get
much more wonderful than that!

(Except the pila leaks—oops—so we splash our way around the kitchen.)

gonna get fixed, he promises, but right now he’s absorbed in his next
bakery project: a large, stainless steel table that he’s making from
scratch. That man!)


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