happy weekending

A thrilling read: 501 Spanish Verbs.

This is pretty much exactly what I feel like right now.

After a morning of more-intense-than-normal Spanish, my brain is fried, sizzled, zapped. I have a pile of emails to write and documents to create, not to mention what feels like 26 blog posts almost boiling over on the back burner of my mind.

I like The Busy, make no mistake, but I can only sit in front of a computer screen and tap out words for so long before my eyes cross and my shoulders seize up. So forgive my lack of blog inspiration.

Or lack of discipline required to force myself to write out the blog inspiration.

Or just my plain old shortcomings in general.


I gotta go make pizza.

Ps. I’ll probably be back tomorrow with some sort of verbage for you to muddle through, but for right now I’ll pretend that I’m one of those bloggers that considers her blog a job and therefore actually doesn’t blog over the weekend because those are her days off. I don’t know what “days off” are, though if my life continues to careen along at the rate it went today, I may need to figure that one out.


  • jenny_o

    Sounds like you had several days packed into one!

    I do love reading on weekends just as much as weekdays because I have more time – but, having said that, I realize that's because I no longer have kids at home. Kids change everything, and kids growing up and leaving home change everything all over again … enjoy your family time while you have it!

  • Margo

    huh. I don't usually blog on the weekends because people don't read and comment as much and as much as I say my blog is mainly for me, well, I do love me some comments 🙂

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