babies and boobs

In these here parts, boobs are for feeding babies and that’s about it. If a kid is hungry, hike up the shirt and let him have at it. Or, if it’s more convenient, simply hoist the breast over and out the top’s neck. Whatevs.

While I was sitting in Central Park the other day, I decided to try for some breastfeeding shots. Once I started looking, I found photo ops everywhere.

I had to squint hard to make sure I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing, since nursing is such a non-event.

The mothers’ body postures and expressions don’t change.

They don’t even break stride.

This woman (purple shirt) was just a couple feet away. Her baby lucked out: milk AND a balloon, what a day!

There was another woman nursing her baby practically in my arm pit, but, ‘cause I was aiming for discretion, that shot didn’t happen. 

Eek! A baby nursing IN CHURCH! Heaven help us!

Later that night when I was poring over my photos, I found I had unintentionally taken yet another breast feeding picture.

Can you find the breast feeding mama? It’s kind of like Where’s Waldo…but better, because it involves happy babies and boobs.

Now I’m tempted to go back and scour all my crowd shots in search of more nursing mamas…


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