headless chickens

We are still alive, even though we resemble headless chickens more than humans at this point.

There have been hugs, tears, emotional breakdowns, laughter, giddy excitement, more tears, lots of receiving (on our part), packing, cleaning, sorting, feeling overwhelmed, giving up, pushing through, etc, etc. We are almost there!

A few pictures of our Crazy:

Messes and drills.
(Why do we have so many drills? Is this normal?) 

Constant disarray: laundry drying, husband painting, me sorting (and taking pictures)… 

Lists, lists everywhere!
(Oh looky! I spy a drill!) 

My mother, scrubbing, polishing, and washing our house into a glorious state of cleanliness.

Don’t forget to clean the chimney! (And a million other last minute projects.)

We’re giving the kids framed pictures of them with friends and family to take along. 
My mother framed these for me. 
When I saw them, the picture on the right in particular, I cried. 
We’re going to miss people so much. 
(Okay, I’ll stop saying that now.)

Early morning coffee mess-up. 
I measured my grounds into the press and then lifted the press up…
only to leave the pile of grounds on the table. 
I had forgotten to put the bottom on the press! 
I announced to the world that I was an ass, 
and then in Sunday school the scripture was about Balaam and his ass 
so it all felt rather providential.

Our commissioning. I did not cry for the entire service! 
I owe my composure to the song leader because she lead all new songs—so thank you, Nancy! 
(But then I cried the rest of the morning, but oh well.)

My older son, getting ready to enter the portal.
Because that’s the only way to get to Guatemala…but you already knew that, right?


  • Anonymous

    I agree, so exciting, but so sad. You will be truly missed! I wish the best for you and your family and that the adjustment is easy and smooth. Please update when and if you can.

    Best wishes

  • Second Sister

    I'm thinking of you all today. I think its departure day. The intense and overwhelming emotions continue. I think it seems that compartmentalization has to happen in order to survive because this kind of thing- cross-cultural experiences (service?/learning?/complete rip up and turn 180 degrees at right angles?/enter centrifuge of perspective confusion? whatever you want to call it)- can't really be taken in in all its fullness all at once or maybe ever really… Or so it seems to me.- Corinna

  • Carol S-B

    Oh, I love the portal to get to Guatemala.
    I'm so impressed you managed to check in and give us an update. Thank you.
    And the power equipment? perfectly normal.
    We all know the drill.
    Ha ha ha! *snort* ahem.

  • Suburban Correspondent

    Are you renting out your home while you are gone? Or are your parents just going to take care of it? And can you believe how much junk there is in the house (any house, not just yours)? It's as if it is invisible until you try to pack up.

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